Notice/Reminder: Reduced Operating Status, Vacation Pay


September 2018


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It has come to the attention of union officials that some members may be unaware they can file for vacation benefits for reduced operating status (ROS) time.


All time filed must still meet the usual requirements for Seafarers Vacation Plan benefits.


Per the current contracts, the following vessels are eligible for ROS vacation pay through the Seafarers Vacation Plan:


  • Sgt. Matej Kocak
  • Stephen W. Pless
  • Eugene A. Obregon
  • Dewayne T. Williams
  • John Paul Bobo
  • William R. Button
  • Baldomero Lopez
  • Jack Lummus
  • USNS Bob Hope
  • USNS Brittin
  • USNS Fisher
  • USNS Pililaau
  • USNS Mendonca
  • USNS Benavidez
  • USNS Gilliland
  • USNS Gordon
  • USNS Seay
  • USNS Yano
  • Shughart



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