New Steward Department Classes a Hit in Piney Point


May 2018


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Culinary 2.0 Gets Strong Start at Union-Affiliated Paul Hall Center


As part of its mission to provide the most modern and up-to-date classes, the Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education has redesigned the courses and curriculums offered for steward department mariners. The SIU-affiliated school has created two classes to introduce the new methodology: Orientation/ Assessment Chief Steward 2.0 and Orientation/Assessment Chief Cook 2.0.


During these one week, 35-hour courses, instructors at the Piney Point, Maryland-based school teach and test current chief cooks and chief stewards on the most modern galley training ever offered by the school. The new curriculum was developed in partnership with union-contracted vessel operators, in order to provide the closest analogue to real-life conditions aboard a vessel. Every aspect of the new training has been redesigned with quality and efficiency in mind, while also using the latest methods for inventory management and galley safety.


“Being a former certified chief steward and now as an instructor, I think this course is a good thing for our industry,” said Chef Robert Johnson. “These 2.0 students are the present and future stewards of a better shipboard culinary experience for SIU members. I am happy to see that so many recertified chief stewards are coming to take this course. This class and its students should serve as an inspiration to the rest of the fleet. An educated mariner is a better and more qualified one.”


Johnson continued, “This course is the brainchild of many people. It took a lot of time and effort from many individuals to make it happen. It started with the school’s leadership, but went all the way down to myself, as the course instructor. I’m glad that we took the time, and the students are as well.”


For those already sailing, all steward department personnel (unless they received training after January 1, 2017) must attend one of the revalidation courses within 24 months of implementation in order to exercise preference and priority in accordance with Shipping Rule 5.A.(6). That rule, which will go into effect January 1, 2020, states, “Within each class of seniority in the Steward Department, priority shall be given to those seamen who possess an advanced Culinary 2.0 certificate from the Seafarers Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship, in the event such program is being offered and that the seaman is registered in Group I, Steward Department.” (The Lundeberg School is part of the Paul Hall Center.)


Members who have taken the new classes have praised both courses, through anonymous comments left on their evaluation forms. “This steward course 2.0 has really helped me a lot in all aspects of the galley, including how to become a better listener and better manager,” said one student, while another remarked, “It helped me to realize that our industry is changing, and me being an old-timer, I need to change with the times.”


As class size is limited for both Orientation/Assessment Chief Steward 2.0 and Orientation/Assessment Chief Cook 2.0, mariners are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible. Classes are expected to fill up quickly as the January 1, 2020 deadline approaches for Shipping Rule 5.A.(6), so chief cooks and chief stewards should plan accordingly.


“It seems to be a new day here in Piney Point for education,” Johnson concluded. “We are moving forward with the times. Our classes and curriculum, in my opinion, have never been better. I am proud to be here for this exciting time.”



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