Seafarers Deliver in ‘Deep Freeze 2018’


April 2018


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With predictable efficiency, SIU crews from two vessels have wrapped up another annual resupply mission to McMurdo Station in Antarctica.


In early February, the SIU-crewed Maersk Peary offloaded nearly 6 million gallons of diesel and jet fuel in support of Operation Deep Freeze 2018. Another Seafarers-crewed vessel, the Ocean Giant, spent a week at the station’s ice pier in late January, discharging 409 pieces of cargo. Unloaded were nearly 7 million pounds of supplies such as frozen and dry food stores, building materials, vehicles, and electronic equipment and parts.


The aforementioned cargo accounts for all of the fuels needed for an entire year at the station plus around 80 percent of the other supplies and materials required for sustainment and operations.


The U.S. Military Sealift Command reported that the vessels passed each other as they entered and exited Winters Quarters Bay.


Seafarers have supported Operation Deep Freeze for decades. The mission provides crucial supplies to personnel from the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army, and Coast Guard as well as Department of Defense civilians and other individuals who are stationed at the largest scientific research community in Antarctica.


The Ocean Giant is operated by Waterman Steamship while the Peary is operated by Maersk Line, Limited.


Seafarers aboard the Peary during the mission included Bosun Ron Paradise, ABs Fortunato Ranario, Alex Bermudez, David Kennedy, Marie Acosta and Gideon Decker, Pumpman Jason Young, QMED Alex Amarra, Wiper Lionel Felix-Lugo, Recertified Steward Tony Spain, Chief Cook Lamont Faulks and SA Assiel Roedan Santana.


The SIU crew of the Ocean Giant included Bosun Gregorio Cinense Cudal, ABs Marvin Williams, Jose Roman Velasquez, Shaddrious McGruder and Nassor James, Electrician Vladimir Loutaev, QE4s Abdulaziz Alsinai, Heather Bushey and Alonzo Marbley, Steward/Baker Lonnie Myers Jr., ACU Rosalie Long and Apprentice Kevin Campfield Jr.


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