SIU Helps Ensure Success of Annual ‘Sail-In’ (3/28)


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To view photos from the 2018 Sail-In, click here.


On March 20, this year’s Maritime Congressional Sail-In saw a record 115 individuals – including officials and representatives from the SIU, other unions, U.S.-flag operators and other organizations – visit 169 Congressional members and their staffs in order to discuss the importance of the Maritime Security Program (MSP), the Jones Act and other programs that are critical to the U.S. Merchant Marine.


Representing the SIU were Executive Vice President Augie Tellez, Vice President Contracts George Tricker, Assistant Vice Presidents Nick Celona and Bryan Powell, Legislative Director Brian Schoeneman, Port Agents Joe Baselice, Todd Brdak, John Hoskins, Mark von Siegel, Pat Vandegrift and Chris Westbrook, and Patrolman Ray Henderson.


The SIU contingent was joined by representatives from every major seafaring union, the Navy League of the United States, various Jones Act companies and organizations, state maritime academies and other allies of the U.S.-flag fleet. Together, these individuals sat down with members of both the House and the Senate - on both sides of the aisle - and explained how the MSP works in conjunction with programs such as Food for Peace and Food for Progress to help maintain the American merchant fleet, the merchant mariner pool and national security.


Additional coverage of the 2018 Sail-In will be available in the May issue of the Seafarers LOG.


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