Seafarers News 2015 / April - June (Q2)




Federation Updates ‘PayWatch’ (5/13)


Next JHSV Set for Christening (5/8)


April Ice Takes Toll (5/6)


NMC: Oakland, Seattle RECs Closed Friday (5/1)


Trumka Declares ‘Raising Wages’ Top Priority for 2016 Elections (4/29)


Port Council Honorees Pledge Solidarity (4/29)


Baltimore Hall Open Wednesday (4/29)


Trumka Issues Workers Memorial Day Statement (4/27)


Wages Lower in So-Called ‘Right-to-Work’ States (4/27)


Industry Honors Congressman Garamendi (4/24)


Crowley Earns Environmental Award (4/23)


SCA Stresses Vital Role of Shipyards During Annual Fly-In (4/22)


SIU Participates in Historic Christening (4/20)


American-Flag Coalition: Save U.S. Maritime Jobs in Food for Peace (4/17)


USTRANSCOM Commander Backs Mariners, Jones Act (4/15)


ITF Offers Condolences (4/15)


Congressman Garamendi Makes Case for Revitalization of American Shipbuilding Industry (4/10)


Lakes Ore Trade Off to Slowest Start in Five Years (4/9)


Maritime Groups Team Up to Push for Humanitarian Actions (4/8)


AFL-CIO Mobilizes Tens of Thousands Against Fast Track (4/6)


New AFL-CIO Report Exposes Walmart’s Abuse of H-1B Visas (4/2)


SIU Makes Strong Showing at Sail-In (4/1)


NMC Posts Updates on Gap-Closing Requirements (4/1)


Labor Federations: Put People First in Trade Deals (3/30)


SIU-crewed USNS Spearhead completes Obangame Express 2015 (3/26)



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