Seafarers News 2011 October - December (Q4)


Happy Holidays from the SIU


Industry Shows Holiday Spirit (12/22)


IMO reports progress in anti-piracy efforts (12/19)


USNS Button Wraps Up Visit to Maldives (12/14)


Lakes Shipyards Look Forward to Busy Winter (12/13)


House Approves POWER Act (12/9)


Iron Ore Trade Up 8% on Great Lakes (12/6)


Federal Workers Alliance Issues Statement on Proposals Targeting Workforce Cuts and Pay Freezes (12/2)


ITF Announces Week of Action in South Asia (12/2)


SIU-Crewed Safeguard Assists in Japan (11/29)


UN Security Council Calls for Global Response to Piracy (11/28)


ITF Tabs Faroes 2nd Register an FOC (11/28)


USNS Henson Finishes Latest Mission (11/21)


Pics from the Point (11/17)


USNS Medgar Evers Christened (11/14)


MTD Backs Affiliates in Knocking MarAd Report (11/10)


Statement by Secretary Solis on Ohio Vote (11/9)


Unions Condemn Maritime Administration Report (11/7)


Crowley Maritime Christens New Vessel (11/4)


AOTOS Awards Honors Three Friends of the Maritime Industry (11/2)


ITF Statement on Arms Rules in Piracy Fight (11/2)


Photos from Tacoma (10/31)


Admiral Reiterates Anti-Piracy Pledge (10/26)


Study Details Jones Act's Role in National Security, Economic Stability (10/24)


New Organization Affiliates with Labor Federation (10/20)


Commanders Visit SIU-Crewed USNS Pathfinder (10/20)


U.S.-Flag Laker Cargos Are Big Jobs Generator (10/19)


Legislation Introduced to Safeguard U.S. Maritime Jobs (10/14)


More Features Added to Member Portal (10/13)


Snapshots from Seabulk Towing (10/12)


Powerful New Video Further Exposes Piracy Issue (10/7)


Navy Names Newest Joint High-Speed Vessel (10/7)


Maersk Celebrates New Ship (10/4)


Crowley Receives Environmental Honors (10/4)







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