Seafarers Health and Benefits Plan

NOTICE: Members will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to make use of these .pdf format benefits applications. If you experience difficulties trying to print these documents, try saving them directly to your hard drive and open/print from there. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

CIGNA HealthCare Provider Directory and CIGNA Dental Provider Directory

To access the CIGNA HealthCare Provider Directory,Click HERE
To access the CIGNA Dental Provider Directory, Click HERE  (For correct provider directory, choose "CIGNA Dental PPO Shared Administration Plan")


OptumRx Log-In Page

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Scholarship Booklet (PDF)



Summary Plan Description (SPD) Guides:


SHBP SPD Guide: Core-Plus and Core (Actives); Updated February 2017 (PDF)


SHBP SPD Guide:  Plan Level S; Updated February 2016 (PDF)


SHBP SPD Guide: For Participants Who Are Receiving Retirement Benefits from the Seafarers Pension Plan; Updated June 2015 (PDF)


SHBP SPD Guide:  Unlicensed Apprentice Phase 2; February 2016 (PDF)



Participant Letters and General Notices:


SHBP New Access to website and Health Assessment (07/2017) (PDF)


SHBP Annual Physical Exams for Dependents of Participants at Core, Core-Plus, and Pensioners with medical benefits (06/2017) (PDF)


SHBP Letter and Form re Electronic Consent for Delivery of Plan Documents (05/2017) (PDF)


SHBP Summary Annual Report for Plan Year 2015 (10/2016) (PDF)


SHBP Medicare Creditable Coverage Notice for Plan Year 2017 (10/2016) (PDF)


SHBP Women's Cancer Act Notice 2016 for Core and CorePlus participants (PDF)


SHBP Notice re Premium Assistance Under Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) 11-2016 for Plan Year 2017 (PDF)


SHBP Core and CorePlus - Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options Notice 2014 (PDF)


SHBP Level S - Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options Notice 2014 (PDF)




SHBP Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC):


Core 2017 SBC (PDF)


CorePlus 2017 SBC (PDF)


Level S 2017 SBC (PDF)


Medicare Eligible Pensioners and Non-Medicare Eligible Pensioners 2017 SBC (PDF)


Humana / Core 2017 SBC (Puerto Rico Residents) (PDF)


Humana / CorePlus 2017 SBC (Puerto Rico residents) (PDF)


Humana / Plan S 2017 SBC (Puerto Rico residents) (PDF)


Humana / Medicare Eligible Pensioners and Non-Medicare Eligible Pensioners 2017SBC (Puerto Rico residents)  (PDF)


Click HERE for Department of Labor’s Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms and Click HERE for SHBP Language Translation Services

(Note: These documents are included in the SBCs listed above.)



HIPAA Privacy Rules:


Click on "HIPAA Privacy Rules" under "Member Benefits tab

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